Art Therapy With Phil Hansen

My husband keeps reminding me that I should stop funding Kickstarter projects until I get a job. He is absolutely right. But some art MUST be funded. I found this guy through, he is – as well as his art – absolutely fascinating. Very fresh too. So I backed him 🙂 I recommend you check out both videos, contribute your limitations story on his web site and if you so wish back his project on Kickstarter. I promise, either one or all of the above will make you smile/ happy. Art therapy, the best there is.

TED Blog

As an artist, I’m always interested in looking at the defining moments in our lives, understanding how these moments affect us and finding different ways to represent them.

[ted_talkteaser id=1747]We all face limitations. I had the amazing opportunity to share my story at the TED conference this year. I came to do the art I do today not by a well-defined path, but by a defining moment in my life when I learned to “embrace the shake.”

Ever since I started preparing this talk last year, I thought a lot about the limitations we deal with and how they define us. It made me question why they sometimes hold us back and, at other times, push us forward. I became very curious about this process, and I wondered: if we looked at all our limitations collectively, what kind of patterns would we see? And what kind of insights would we have?…

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