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Seasonal Affective Disorder and how to overcome it #happiness

Life seems so hard in February. It’s freezing outside, mostly grey and windy. You need several layers before you can leave the house. I’ve got this crazy winter flu and everyone in my family too, so it’s like Walking Dead in this … Continue reading

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Cheer up moment- Louis CK saying Jesus

I love Louis CK. Yesterday I suddenly realised that I HAD TO HAVE Louis CK saying ‘Jesus’ as a text notification sound on my mobile. So some research later, and I found out I am not alone. In fact, someone … Continue reading

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Jim Carrey’s Commencement Address: Maharishi University

This speech has blown me away. The unexpected side to the speaker, its depth, the very Tolle’sque terminology he uses and the profoundness of advice given. The jokes too of course, eg ‘Monsanto seed’ or ‘I can not be contained because … Continue reading

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Let A Scotsman Put A Smile On Your Face ;)

Ok, I am probably biased (I am married to a Scotsman) but I love Scotland. Scottish accent, their sense of humour, how easy going and party loving they are, everything. And of course, amazing Scottish men – Sean Connery, Ewan … Continue reading

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