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Book on happiness- Stumbling on happiness by Dan Gilbert

I am reading this new book on happiness and absolutely loving it. It’s written in a way that makes you giggle through it, from the first page, yet it makes a serious and big point. It talks about happiness, our … Continue reading

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This video will change how you think about stress… and maybe even save your life

In studying the science of happiness, it’s interesting how sometimes you get a new perspective on the same thing or several different perspectives come into one and reveal something new. I’ve recently blogged on how thinking about stress symptoms as signs … Continue reading

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How to stop screwing yourself over and get what you want in life

So yes, I absolutely have to mention that I succeeded making my own ringtone out of Louis CK saying Jesus 🙂  Check out the original video here. I will later share the steps for how to make DIY ringtones. Today I … Continue reading

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The Secret To Successful Marriage And Relationship

A bit of an unusual post today. I don’t recommend books a lot. The last couple I’ve been on and on about were Power of Now and Escape Manifesto. But this book is amazing. If you are in a long … Continue reading

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To All Nomads Out There

I have installed Ted app on my smartphone. I should have done it long time ago really. Now instead of watching my favourite TV shows (which are on summer break anyway) before going to bed, or in other words passive … Continue reading

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George Monbiot On Career Advice

I am going through a massive career change. I am trying to change what I do from corporate to impact. I am guided by the amazing Escape Manifesto, and still it’s not easy. Lots of stuff to figure out on … Continue reading

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14 Most Powerful Ted Talks For Disruptive Career Change

If you are trying to radically change what you do (I am at the moment) or are thinking about it, this playlist should provide the ideas and inspiration. If you are an overnight success story or not, keep trying! How … Continue reading

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