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Art- photographic art of Steve McCurry at Beethles + Huxley

You know I believe into therapeutic powers of art. Beautiful art can make one happy. I’ve recently discovered Steve McCurry, thanks to Beethles + Huxley gallery. You can view his works online here. My favourite is this one, called SHAOLIN MONKS TRAINING, … Continue reading

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Art That Makes You Happy: Leaves By Antoinette Bol

Is this a painting? Is this a photo? You tell me. I found another amazing artist on Saatchi, her name is Antoinette Bol and this is her work I like most. Can you not just stare into this forever?

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The True Colours Of Auroras

I would have never thought that auroras – which I imagined were mostly green – only appear as green when we view them with our eyes at night. Change the viewing instruments and all sorts of colours come out!

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Lose Yourself To Find Yourself

Today, other than wishing you a wonderful, happy weekend, I want to leave you with 2 thoughts. As you may know, I have moved countries and am looking for a job in a new country, which language I do not … Continue reading

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