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Samadhi — Enlightenment… Bliss… Emptiness…

Samadhi – eternal bliss, the union with God, enLIGHTenment, ultimate destination of any spiritual seeker… yet something that is unattainable if we strive for it. This beautiful, thought provoking, perspective shifting documentary by Daniel Schmidt is dedicated to one of the … Continue reading

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Which mindset zone are you in during Covid-19?

I’ve seen this chart on Professor Scott Galloway’s Linkedin page (I listen to his Prof G show and Pivot podcast with him almost exclusively now) and it is the best visual summary of our mindset options during this pandemic. I’ve spent … Continue reading

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Don’t push away the fear

Source: Ram Dass Fellowship (Facebook)

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Burn baby burn. What can we do with ourselves in times of coronavirus.

Who is up to what these days? I volunteer with the Hear Me App where I talk to folks from all over the world who need someone to talk to. And everyone is struggling, myself included. I’ve spent the first … Continue reading

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“Fantastic Fungi”: a documentary about mushrooms 🍄

Paul Stamets, the biggest world’s mushroom enthusiast 😊 fascinates me. His passion for mushrooms and fungi is awe inspiring. He already has a Ted talk that has been viewed more than 6 million times and now there is a documentary … Continue reading

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⚠️ “Becoming Nobody” with Ram Dass is finally streaming in the UK (and worldwide) 🙏

I consider Ram Dass to be my guru. He has been one of my most important spiritual mentors. His teachings led me to psilocybin, further study of Buddhism and radically changed how I see myself, other people and reality, and … Continue reading

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Everything and Nothing. Order and Disorder. Disorder is the fate of everything.

I love physics because it’s weird 😊 I’ve watched two awesome physics documentaries (on Amazon Prime) called “Everything and Nothing. The Amazing Science of Empty Space” and “Order and Disorder: The Forces that Drive the Universe”. My mind has been … Continue reading

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Living in the time in between

I am envious of those who, unlike me, can stay productive and positive in such uncertain times. I missed a blog post last week because I’ve been struggling. Psychologists call what many of us are experiencing grief. I’d add uncertainty … Continue reading

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Chanting in an apocalypse. Spiritual practice and sound healing.

Gee, how things can change in a week! What has been my emptiness practice over the last 9 months is what now a lot of people have to do daily. Monk life! How are you holding up, fellow nomads? What … Continue reading

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“Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It” by Kamal Ravikant

I mentioned this book before – it is how I discovered Wayne Dyer. It came recommended by Tim Ferriss. I don’t follow Tim, but occasionally get sent links to his podcasts or blog posts, and one of his posts that … Continue reading

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