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Vincenzo Cassano, take me to opera ♥️ #kdrama

If you are looking for the next tv show to watch, have you watched K dramas yet? I can’t believe it took me so long but I finally forayed into the genre. And what an introduction! I’ve just spent 3 … Continue reading

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New challenge. A year to live #happiness

This week I’ve launched a newsletter for the mental health/ online therapy social enterprise I work for (you can subscribe here), planned a staycation for next week (if I can’t travel, I will eat out), started therapy, yes, finally, got … Continue reading

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On mudita, joy for others

Making time for joy, prioritising it is very important. Life often becomes dull, grey and joyless if we don’t prioritise moments when we do something that excites, expands us, helps us feel alive. This is self-centred joy. Nothing wrong with … Continue reading

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Nature therapy. Watching sun through the leaves.

For a second, I again was a child, lying on the ground under the cherry trees, staring at the summer sun winking at me through the green canopy of the leaves…

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Happiness is pretty simple

I’ve had an awful flu this past week (not covid, I got tested). Let’s put it this way, I will not take for granted being able to lie horizontally and breathe at the same time. I got infected because I … Continue reading

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Anger means expectations.

This week I did not prioritise well at work, took too much on, struggled, exploded and lost it with my colleague and boss 🤯 Oh, anger, thou shalt not leave me alone. So I made myself this video reminder:

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I entrust myself to the Buddha of Infinite Light and Life

I’ve been pondering recently how I am still so full of anger, righteousness, drawn to and driven by drama (the dharma of drama!), how easily I get triggered. Meditation practice and studying Buddhism helped become much more aware but not … Continue reading

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Nothing Means Anything #emptiness

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I Gotta —> I Get To

I love a good reframe. This one is a powerful perspective shifter.

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Art therapy. On why magpies are awesome

Read the word “evil” backwards. Interesting isn’t it?  They say that when the witch dies, she turns into a magpie.  Yin & yang – it makes sense. Nice reincarnation.  Magpies are considered evil in largely superstitious folklore.  They are believed … Continue reading

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