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Chanting in an apocalypse. Spiritual practice and sound healing.

Gee, how things can change in a week! What has been my emptiness practice over the last 9 months is what now a lot of people have to do daily. Monk life! How are you holding up, fellow nomads? What … Continue reading

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“Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It” by Kamal Ravikant

I mentioned this book before – it is how I discovered Wayne Dyer. It came recommended by Tim Ferriss. I don’t follow Tim, but occasionally get sent links to his podcasts or blog posts, and one of his posts that … Continue reading

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“Dying to be me” by Anita Moorjani #book #psychedelics

I discovered Wayne Dyer through Kamal Ravikant. I discovered Anita Moorjani through Wayne Dyer. Synchronicity at work 😊

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“Mastering the art of manifesting” with Wayne Dyer

My emptiness practice appears to be over, for now. I’ve realised that the opposite of emptiness is joy, so I am trying to fill my life with as much of it as I can. My daily to-do list actually says … Continue reading

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What if not knowing what next is an achievement?

I’ve been mini-retired for 6 months. Retirement is a great way to practice emptiness. Six months of non-doing and facing uncertainty is when I usually hit the psychological threshold and the monkey brain spirals into anxiety. You know the script … Continue reading

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“Mere Gurudev” by Krishna Das – beautiful devotional kirtan

Through Ram Dass’s satsang (community) I’ve discovered this beautiful kirtan (devotional song) by Krishna Das. From what I understand, in bhakti yoga (devotional practice) one dedicates themselves to their guru and by practicing devotion finds unconditional love and wisdom. At … Continue reading

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Our deepest fear

This is the reason why we put off working on things that we know are important, why we procrastinate, why we settle. We are not afraid of failure, we are afraid of success, however crazy this sounds.

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