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A to be list #happiness

On my To Be List are: Joy, Peace/ Calm, Love, Purpose, No anger, No thoughts, No self, No craving. The latter 4 can be replaced with one word – Empty.

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A quote by Jorge Luis Borges

I had this quote for years, in Russian, and recently decided to verify and find it in English. I traced it to and bought The Mirror Ink by Jorge Luis Borges. And guess what, the quote is not his, he … Continue reading

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You are an unconventional person

The best bit about working in a place which offers online therapy is that we, as employees, can get therapy for free as a benefit. So I am now officially in therapy and, oh man, why have I not done … Continue reading

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Let me know that you are always present… #quote

“Let me know that you are always present, in every atom of my life. Let me keep surrendering my self until I am utterly transparent. Let my words be rooted in honesty and my thoughts be lost in your light, … Continue reading

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Soul and Ego

…the Soul depends on the Ego’s drama for its teachings. Honor your Ego as the conduit of learning for the Soul. Ram Dass, Still Here

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Remain still and listen.  Things and people come. I listen. I do what needs to be done.  The dramas and the traumas come. I listen. I bring myself back to breath.  Love your breath, says Ram Dass.  I listen some … Continue reading

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Burn all negativity away #happiness

Yesterday I went to a local parade as part of the art festival where we marched through town wearing all black making noise with pots, pans, music instruments, and then burned all of our negativity and bad stuff of the … Continue reading

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Vincenzo Cassano, take me to opera ♥️ #kdrama

If you are looking for the next tv show to watch, have you watched K dramas yet? I can’t believe it took me so long but I finally forayed into the genre. And what an introduction! I’ve just spent 3 … Continue reading

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New challenge. A year to live #happiness

This week I’ve launched a newsletter for the mental health/ online therapy social enterprise I work for (you can subscribe here), planned a staycation for next week (if I can’t travel, I will eat out), started therapy, yes, finally, got … Continue reading

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