My Quarantine Diary #coronavirus

I am reposting this post with the recent entries. The plan is to publish all of the entries from day 0 here and once the lockdown is over, hopefully, to reflect on the main themes.

I’ve been writing a quarantine diary to stay sane 🙂  limited to 5 or 7 lines a day. I thought I’d share it. I will post recent entries first, keep updating it daily or weekly and add the older posts at some point. Three more weeks of lockdown ahead (I am in the UK) – it is going to be a long post 🙂

Day 33. “Thunderbolts and daggers!”
“Violent sorrow”, “continual raptures”, “unceasing delight”. 
I love how Jane Austen describes feelings. 
I don’t do much and finish “Sense and Sensibility”. 
I talk to someone who lost their loved one to Covid-19 and acutely feel their pain… 
Tiny virus, so much suffering… 

Day 32. Three weeks of rain. 
I wake up and both of my boys are fine. 
Little one gives me a morning hug and the cat comes through with a meow. 
I feel happy and abundant – I have everything I could ever wish for. 
I start reading Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility”. 
There is a sandy beach somewhere in Lowestoft. 

Day 31. “Mango Mussolini.”
Film title idea – dumped during lockdown. 
I talk to a man stuck on an oil rig – at least sunrises and sunsets are beautiful. 
Someone I talk to calls Trump Mango Mussolini LOL 🙂 
Maybe he should inject some disinfectant in his brain… 
Little one glides on a scooter into the sun under the canopy of chestnut trees. 
Tree branches pat me approvingly on my head with new leaves.  
I decide to put perfume on today and research lilac scent soap. 

Day 30. Dancing emptiness.
An enlightened friend sends me a film about samadhi (nirvana). 
Emptiness is not the opposite of form, it is one of its types. 
“Stillness is not something separate from movement.
It is not opposite to movement.” 
I have an epiphany – I am emptiness. 
So much for trying to transcend it! 
My little one plays ball with an adorable cockapoo in the park and now he is in love. 

Day 29. We need more Pete Davidson content.
Distance walking in the park with my sis and her dog – how strange. 
My lilies of the valley are in bloom and their aroma is the purest sweetness. 
Money comes out of nowhere and I spend it on another Trigger Conversation.
A delightful online meet-up with random strangers. 
I realise that I need to be braver this year because I deserve only the best.

Day 28. Lotus out of mud.
Squeezing a half empty dishwashing liquid bottle launches a flurry of tiny soap bubbles 🙂 
Emptiness is not empty, it is creative. 
Sisters who make delicious pies and drop them off at your porch (from a distance) rock! 
We live in the monk times, now is the time to slow down and face our stuff. 
We can dwell in anxiety, fear and suffering, or use them as a fodder for growth. 

Day 27 (I think). What’s even the point?
Walking is best when talking (on the phone) – I hit 8,000 steps without even noticing. 
Many people are grappling with some major existential questions now. 
Including the ones I consider “enlightened” or “awakened”, perhaps even more so.
I walk into a corner shop to get some milk and notice chicken burgers. 
We are having McDonalds style chicken sandwiches for lunch, yum. 
I finish my “Thank you NHS” art project – a rainbow coloured garland.
And attach a “Thank you” flower card to the rubbish bin.  

Day 26? Who knows… I eat too many carbs.
Lilacs are in bloom, I stop to smell them on my daily walk – heaven! 
Coronavirus is apparently making anti-vaxxers revisit their thoughts about vaccines.  
Cirque du Soleil’s “Luzia” features an aerial straps guy whose performance is… wow. 
Water, muscles, tattoos, straps and a fake tiger. 
What is it about aerialists?
Elon Musk’s satellites flew in a formation in the night sky.
It upset astronomers and UFO enthusiasts but will apparently give us better Wi-Fi.  

Day 25. Filling emptiness with activity.
Semblance of structure – I wake up almost on time, do yoga, read, yay!
I turn house upside down looking for coloured paper for the rainbow art project.
I notice how dusty the house is and I dust, for a while.
While shaking the duster in the garden, I realise I need to water the plants.
The kitchen sink smells, husband opens the plughole, we gag and I clean it, thoroughly.
This causes a leak under the sink and it takes a while to tidy and dry everything.
A couple of hours later – still no trace of that paper!

Day 24. Burn baby burn!
I, the least fit person ever, talked to a sporty person who lost their motivation to exercise.
Structure, joy, connection, self-compassion, supporting others is how we get through this.
We need to practice the “muscle of generosity” (Scott Harrison).
Give it all away (Wayne Dyer).
The big project is to start going to bed on time again and not beyond midnight.
Lockdown extended for another 3 weeks.
We are burning through stuff (Ram Dass), no turning back now – burn baby burn!

Day 23. “An asset to the Universe.”
A groundhog day? More like groundhog days!
Amidst the endless house chores, I finally manage to squeeze in other things.
I volunteer for HearMe App and Extinction Rebellion.
In French version of “Persuasion”, Willoughby returns but Marianne turns him down.
Universe at work – I wanted to go to Cirque du Soleil and now they put free clips online! 🙂

Day 22. Jaya Jagadisha Hare.
My volunteering on HearMe App started with some heavy chats.
We are all suffering and during this time more than usual 😦
A good friend calls out of the blue and sounds like she is having a mental breakdown, or a spiritual epiphany – it’s hard to tell which.
I offer all negative stuff to Kali, to the fire, to the light – it works.
Emptiness, no-desire state, detachment, falling in between the worlds – whatever next?

Day 21. Conversations with Shiva.
Easter egg hunt! Chocolate!
Cat’s friendly head bumps 🙂
I get caught in the thunderstorm while walking through the cemetery.
My new self-opening and self-closing umbrella rocks.
Little one chopped veg into a salad for the first time.
I cut his hair today, he looks like Liam Gallagher.
Linda McCartney’s veggie sausage rolls are yum.

Day 20. A walk in the cemetery. 
Chocolate eggs and elaborate plant watering systems. 
Clouds of blossoms in the park. 
Another disappointing Indian takeaway. 
I did not know that Jane Austen was reluctant to publish her novels. 
Long skype chats with family keep everyone’s spirits up. 
A thousand people dying each day 😦 
Give me your bad feelings and I will burn them in my light. 


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