Trip of Compassion #ptsd #psychedelics

I have not followed Tim Ferriss in a while. A friend has sent me his latest podcast episode and he mentions this film, “Trip of Compassion”, about MDMA trials in Israel to treat PTSD. What a powerful film. How can we not use psychedelics if they help human suffering!

If you or someone you know suffer from PTSD and traditional treatments have not helped, there are MDMA trials ongoing around the world, check

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  1. I am in contact with a young ex army officer. He suffers from severe depression. As do several of his army friends. The friends all grow their own psilocybin and have reported extraordinarily promising results.

    These guys have been in every modern combat zone from Afghanistan to Libya to Iraq. It is hardly surprising they are suffering.

    Medical government approved use of psychedelics are still some years off. In the meantime we owe it to such people to reverse the foolish criminalization of psychedelics so they can get on with their home cures in peace and security.

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    • lolkin says:

      I find it a fascinating reflection on duality, Anthony, that soldiers are at the forefront of the psychedelic revolution. At the same time it is so unfair how these usually young folks get discarded by politicians after their service… Have you watched Shock and Awe? It’s a documentary on treating ptsd in soldiers with psychedelics.

      I wish I had the guts to grow my own 🙂 It’d be interesting to try microdosing.


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