Happiness in parenting – Buddhist view

Research on happiness of parents is mixed and on-going. Some studies show that new parents are as unhappy as after death of a loved one after they have kids. Some say parents are happy but just in a different way. And then there are cliche jokes about parenting and if you get them from comedians who are not parents themselves, they may seem quite harsh.

As a parent you and only you can decide how happy you allow yourself to be. Being a parent is not a walk in the park but it’s also such an intense self discovery trip filled with awe, joy and love. There is no equivalent other than spiritual path perhaps.

Hence why I wanted to share best quotes from the book ‘Time-Out for parents. A guide to compassionate parenting’ by Cheri Huber and Melinda Guyol. Applying principles of Buddhism in parenting is a new idea that I find fascinating. If you are an unhappy parent in search of answers, hope this helps.




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