Surrender… to progress #happiness

I surrender. I am not moving from where I live (blossom where planted, right). I am not going to find yet another job that will no doubt be so much better, and will rather make the one I already have work. I am no better than any person and I am starting to reluctantly accept that my purpose in life is perhaps to just grow spiritually, be a good person, be kind, strive for enlightenment, bring up a good man. I am not good at saving money. I may never be rich. I may never do anything extraordinary.

That’s ok. As illogical as it sounds, trying to achieve all of these things made me stall, there was no progress. Having finally acknowledged that this approach of striving for more (but doing nothing, out of fear) does not work is progress already.

Most importantly i surrender to my feelings and to my mistakes – reframe, reframe – brave but naive acts. That’s me and so what. I loved and I lived. I have no guilt, no regret, no shame. I am at peace. Whatever comes my way, be it. Oblivion is as good as burning embarrassment of another encounter.

I forgive myself for everything. I start anew. Everything is possible.

This is actually very liberating.

About lolkin

Nomad of the Universe, sailing through the unknown, learning to be happy and give happiness back
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