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Mantra for today. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can #happiness #success 

If you want to make today different, if you are starting from scratch, if you are looking for ways to re-energize yourself for doing something huge, or new, or scary, these 4 cool quotes from some of the blogs I … Continue reading

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Who are you? #happiness #universe

When I was younger, I remember writing an essay at school, and later – uni, on who I thought I was. I tried to define myself through descriptive nouns and adjectives of all sorts – daughter, sister, good student, human … Continue reading

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We all have an obligation to be happy

I watched ‘Hector and the search for happiness’ yesterday. A very inspirational and thought provoking story. Spot on casting, the British actor playing the main character adds vulnerability and lifelikeness, although I may be biased. Overall, I hope more movies … Continue reading

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Are you your harshest critic? #happiness 

This week let’s take a step back from the fascinating subject of love crushes (see the previous week’s post here, if you missed it), and look at our internal language.    How do you talk with yourself? Are you being … Continue reading

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Love crushes, obsessions, poetry… Love addiction and what pain-body has to do with it (Part 1)

Romantic love is an unachievable fantasy — Dalai Lama    Love. What a tricky, elusive, individual thing. We all know what it should or might be, we never really know if it is what we’ve got. When I was young, … Continue reading

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