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It’s not about happiness pursuit, it’s about being happy right here, right now

Guilty as charged. I often say that I am working on pursuing happiness. I am not. I am learning how to be happier. But also how to be happy right now. And this is the sole purpose of this blog. … Continue reading

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On the importance of having balls #humble #happiness

As children, we are taught to resolve conflicts with words, negotiation, compromise. As a result, often, we are not taught how to stand up for ourselves. We are told that humility is a virtue and we grow up humble, yet … Continue reading

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Happiness is only the cart, love is the horse 

I am really enjoying the Science of Happiness course from UC Berkeley’s. I in particular enjoy the scientific articles on happiness. Here is a good one and it’s also a link to the UC Berkeley’s Greater Good centre where you … Continue reading

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How to find my life’s purpose? #happiness 

My thinking on the subject progressed from reading Viktor Frankl’s book and desperately trying to find that elusive ‘life goal’, from being jealous of geniuses and people who knew their passion, who knew what they wanted to do with their … Continue reading

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Art therapy- full on living, and looking for a silent retreat

My life has been full on this week. My laptop finally died (never buy HP again!). My new job is great but also full of uncertainty. Commuting for more than an hour each way in the hot weather is taxing. We … Continue reading

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How much money do you need to be happy?

I’d like to build on the last week’s blog post and talk about money vs happiness. I recently learned that scientists did quantify the ‘money vs happiness threshold’. Actually seeing the number somewhat has shaken my conviction that ‘to be happy, … Continue reading

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