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Art therapy- Agnes Lefevre on Saatchi #smile #happiness

Mmm, art that is good enough to eat ūüôā ¬†Les Macarons¬†and¬†Les poires¬†by¬†Agnes Lefevre¬†put a smile on my¬†face. The touch with ancient vases is very stylish imho. Off to have a pear now! Have a nice weekend!

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There is no such thing as failure #happiness

There is no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction. — Positively Positive

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Are you happy, right now, right here? Spring only happens once

I have been quiet for a bit. I had a¬†very Mad Men’esque exit from my agency job, so that took some time and energy. The good news is I am very happy, I am at home, and not starting a … Continue reading

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Patience and perspective – learning from people who piss you off

A somewhat negative post perhaps, however¬†this information was very useful to me¬†in the¬†last couple of months, when I had to deal with a lot of negativity, and a few¬†negative people. Below is my summary of the strategies you could use … Continue reading

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Art therapy- the beautiful love story from Cirque Du Soleil

Took my breath away… Cirque du Soleil, Worlds Away.

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Present moment reminder from Eckhart Tolle #happiness

‚ÄúSuffering is necessary until you realize it is unnecessary.‚ÄĚ — Eckhart¬†Tolle

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