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Inspiration for happy life- 30 things I’ve learned by Nick Crocker

Sometimes it’s useful to read posts like one. Nothing in it is new, but it’s a list of principles of someone who lives a happy life (or strives to) and hence it’s helpful. Any checklist for happy life, any inspiration … Continue reading

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Forget happiness! How do you stay sane in times of stress?

Last 2 weeks were mad. My team and myself did not sleep properly and faced some tough timelines while having had to deliver top notch strategic work. What do you do to stay sane, when you have such intense periods in … Continue reading

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Shame to humanity #MH17

I had a busy week at work. So busy in fact that I meditated daily, to maintain sanity. Barely had time for anything. Then MH17 happened. The escalating violence around – Gaza, Ukraine, North Korea, all over the world – killings, murders, … Continue reading

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Happiness in marriage- how we end up marrying the wrong people

Happiness in marriage and relationships is one of the big components of being happy overall. However there is not much practical and smart literature on the subject. There are no quality verified schools or classes where one could learn the basics … Continue reading

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How to stop screwing yourself over and get what you want in life

So yes, I absolutely have to mention that I succeeded making my own ringtone out of Louis CK saying Jesus 🙂  Check out the original video here. I will later share the steps for how to make DIY ringtones. Today I … Continue reading

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