Happiness: Go Green To Beat The Blues

At some point I have stopped following the news. It’s a sure way to boost one’s happiness – news usually focus on the negative, depress us about things we don’t have control over and create energy sapping noise in our environment. However it’s a fine balance between not following the news and not being in touch with what’s going on around you.

So I’ve re-started reading daily Metro (in London). I take one paper and read it over 2-3 days. I have no idea how they produce all this content daily. I like Metro because they occasionally feature positive and sometimes silly news, smart lifestyle content, etc. So not only negative stuff. What I don’t get is why they don’t feature all of their stories online. I found this great article about a way to boost happiness that I wanted to share with you, and in order to do that, I had to photograph it. Weird.

Anyway, here is a ‘new’ amazing and very British way of fighting depression, anxiety and low mood. Heck, it’s environment friendly too! And you will be eating organic.



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Nomad of the Universe, nobody special, Buddhist, student of Ram Dass. I write about happiness, meaning and spirituality. My book on Love Addiction is out on Amazon now.
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11 Responses to Happiness: Go Green To Beat The Blues

  1. Amy Saab says:

    Reblogged this on 2me4art and commented:
    Wow. I kinda knew this because I always feel better after gardening!


  2. bvolunuev says:

    nice! My taking care of my plants makes me very happy! I too stopped watching the news years ago. Too much negativity.


  3. lolkin says:

    Thank you, everyone, for your likes and follows! If you do have more time, check out my other posts. This blog is mostly about one thing – happiness.


  4. Jardin says:

    Positive thoughts and gardening … sounds good to me!


  5. jpeggytaylor says:

    We read the Metro paper on our bus journeys into town … by the time we reach town we’ve sometimes had a few conversations with other bus passengers about stories we’ve found in there 🙂 Gardening is wonderful for the soul … a primeval activity, I’m sure. I’ve seen articles on our local news about schemes where people with mental health issues are being helped through gardening and environmental conservation activities.


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