The Future Is Here. And It Has To Do With Your Shoes.

I keep saying that it’s small things that make us happy. Although one can argue how small this is. To me this news is as big as discovery of Higgs Boson or when they finally announce the launch of wireless electricity on the commercial scale (I am still waiting…).

Marty McFly’s self-tying trainers ‘on sale from Nike in 2015′

The self tying laces are here, ladies and gentlemen. 

I heard about 2 different products which essentially do the same (although slightly differently) – first Escape the City ran a profile on the company called Hickies (their product on the photo below), then Metro published a piece on the Nike’s self tying system (photo above).

If you are a sneakerhead like me, this is BIG news. It made me really happy that we, humankind, have finally tackled a seemingly minor but largely inconvenient issue of having to bend, tackle the mess that are 2 pieces of imperfect string, and try to tie them into something somewhat decent while puffing and swearing at the same time. Another leap into future for humanity. Woo-hoo!

How to Use Hickies



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