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How To Know If The Spring Is Here

Spring arrives suddenly in the UK. It’s wet and freezing and miserable, then suddenly one day it’s very warm, as in above +5C. Sunshine is more abundant. You notice tree buds. Daffodyls’ optimistic chubby green stalks appear out of nowhere.

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The Future Is Here. And It Has To Do With Your Shoes.

I keep saying that it’s small things that make us happy. Although one can argue how small this is. To me this news is as big as discovery of Higgs Boson or when they finally announce the launch of wireless … Continue reading

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Are We Having Less Sex?.. And So?

St Valentine’s Day seemed very appropriate to post the interesting article in Stylist by Caroline Corcoran called Let Me Slip Into Something More Comfortable.

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Small Silly Things That Keep Us Happy

I mentioned before that I now work in a digital advertising agency. On my first day, during the induction, one of the talent (HR) girls had what I later (after many google keyword combinations) discovered to be called a mystic … Continue reading

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Let A Scotsman Put A Smile On Your Face ;)

Ok, I am probably biased (I am married to a Scotsman) but I love Scotland. Scottish accent, their sense of humour, how easy going and party loving they are, everything. And of course, amazing Scottish men – Sean Connery, Ewan … Continue reading

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Surround Yourself With Happy, Magical People.. And Be One Yourself

All said really. Just try to be one yourself as much as you can too. One baby step at a time…

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Daily Blogging Challenge Over, Phew!

I’ve done it. It was not easy but I loved the challenge of it and meeting new readers who liked, commented and followed this blog. I didn’t let 2 stressful weeks at work serve as an excuse to stop writing, … Continue reading

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