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How To Stop Giving A F@&% What People Think

This post is so much more than just its title. The idea of a growth list for example is amazing. I started doing uncomfortable things from today. Plus, every time my brain goes ‘what will people think’, I remind myself … Continue reading

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Six Ways To Make Your Day More Mindful

Great post on small things you can do daily to feel more connected, balanced and less stressed.

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Codecademy’s Coding App For Beginners

One of the ways to be happy is to expand your horizons, as in learn new stuff. It makes you smarter, keeps your brain in shape, opens up new opportunities and potentially boosts your income. I’ve been watching the latest … Continue reading

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When You Wake Up Hormonal, Or Cut The BS Please

I woke up hormonal. If all women of the world one day woke up hormonal, there would have been a revolution. Many things would have ceased to exist or change. It’s this state that you try to manage with chocolate … Continue reading

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How To Have A Year That Counts By Umair Haque

Ok, I missed a post yesterday, so I need to do two today. Daily blogging challenge is easier said than done! I read this post the other day and it’s amazing. Start with your dreams and Let you happen are, … Continue reading

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Modern Art That Makes You Smile

I am a firm believer into the art therapy, no matter if you are just an onlooker, or creator too. The art that I like most is the one that has a strong idea behind it, or that makes you … Continue reading

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A Bit Of Noh Theatre Before Bed

I wanted to watch Noh theatre forever but never had time to look up at least video excerpts. Today, after a very long stressful week, despite being exhausted, I felt like I absolutely had to see it. It immediately soothed … Continue reading

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