How To Switch Back To Classic Yahoo Mail

So, this has been causing me some grief lately – Yahoo Mail redesigns. I am not with the early adopter Gmail crowd unfortunately, not yet at least, and switching an email account is like switching a bank account for me, so I am stuck with Yahoo Mail for now.

The latest redesign they’ve done was so bad that there is now a petition to reverse it. Yahoo say that user ranting is consistent with usual levels, but my marketer gut just tells me that this time they went too far – it’s not ranting, it’s smoke before fire. I can bet that unless they undo what they’ve done, over the year to come they will observe steady deflection of users.

Not to go all business on you, but the irony is that they are trying to become more like Gmail whereas the only reason they still have users is that they are NOT like Gmail. It’s funny how they don’t see this.

Anyway. If you are a prehistoric email user like me ๐Ÿ™‚ ย and also use Yahoo Mail, suffer no more! I’ve done some research and here is an amazing GHacks post on how to bring back the straightforward previous version of Yahoo Mail in just a couple of clicks.

Alternatively, go to your Yahoo Mail. Click on the cogwheel in the upper right corner. Select Settings. Select ‘Viewing Email’ menu. Select ‘Basic’. Click Save. And – vrooom – you are transported back in time! (source: amazing email managing service Sanebox).

Hallelujah, people! Lifehacking at its best. PS: Gmail users, how do you use email threads? They nearly killed me!

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