Child Benefit In Holland

At a risk of boring you to death, here is some practical information on child benefit in Holland (where I am currently) for those who it may be of use to. For others, watch out for my next post 🙂

First, make sure you download the absolutely amazing Access guide on childcare et al. Their section on child benefit, childcare benefit and budget explains everything clearly and succinctly. Will save you hours of reading google translated web pages and not understanding anything.

By the way, Access have many great guides on living in Holland, and you can email them, they are amazing at coming back and helping, for free!

Second, make sure you read through the information on the site of the government authority dealing with child benefit, which is helpfully available in English too.

You can apply for child benefit via post (in which case email SVB your address) or online, via DIGI-D (you will need to apply for it first). I am going through the process at the moment. Let me know if you need any help…

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