Primark On Asos

Primark on Asos is great news for customers in the UK and Europe. Asos is how online shopping must be, despite their refocus on younger audience (oh how I miss the Workwear collection!) – free delivery in Europe, free returns, smooth shopping experience on any device, good customer care available through many channels. And Primark is a mecca for money and fashion savvy shoppers, who want to look good for less. It’s a win-win partnership, and online shoppers win big time.

The 23 Primark items available on Asos currently is not much, but keep an eye on this project. Something tells me it will grow explosively… And, despite what I read earlier on expat blogs, there are actually 4 Primarks in the Netherlands! Woo-hoo! Will check them out.

And if you happen to live somewhere else in Europe, check Primark web site for store locations. Apparently they are all over Europe!

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