Happy Shopping!

I use this blog rather selfishly. As I have a memory of a fish and my GTD system is not working, I stuff the best tips and information on happiness, good mood, positive everything and practicalities of nomadic lifestyle in here. And because I have finally received a calculator like e-identifier (security token) from ABN AMRO, here is my next very practical post – on shopping in the Netherlands.

I won’t reinvent the wheel. Here is a great article on where to shop for kids clothing & shoes in the Netherlands (dressing my little one is a priority as he keeps growing out of his clothes), as well as links to the adult online clothing stores. Another technique of mine – you can run a search on google, in this instance google.nl for what you are looking for (first get the search words at Google Translate), then Shopping, then look for stores based on your criteria. This is limited, especially as Google Shopping went commercial, but still can yield some interesting finds. I found FrontRunner (similar to JD Sports in the UK) and PlutoSport (similar to Sports Direct or M&M Direct) this way.

I am also quite interested to check out Miss Etam and prices at local Marks & Spencer. Now the only 3 stores I miss are Primark, Dorothy Perkins and Uniqlo, surprisingly. Oh well.

And with that, me and my iPad retire to bed, to do a spot of shopping and discover what’s on offer locally 🙂  I have to do a post on fashion here at some point… Spend responsibly, my fellow nomads! Happy shopping and good night!

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Nomad of the Universe, sailing through the unknown, learning to be happy and give happiness back
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