To VPN Or Not To VPN? Surviving Abroad For TV Geeks

I love TV. I used to love movies more, but recently TV shows are so good and it’s easier to cut out 20-40 minutes as a mom to watch a TV show episode rather than a movie. My favourites at the moment are Monday Mornings, New Girl, Girls, Big Bang Theory, Falling Skies. Not so sure about Mad Men after the first 3 episodes of the season 6, kinda boring…

Anyway. There are a couple of British TV shows that we like – I am watching Bedtime Live right now (must see for parents), and my little one is into Peppa Pig. However it’s not possible to watch British or US TV in Europe. Grr, right?

Meet the VPN, a nifty thing that allows you to watch TV from your home (or not) country. After some research, I found this great post that I think sums it perfectly and am already using Tunnel Bear. And by the way, it is legal to use VPN services, I looked 🙂

Happy TV watching, my fellow nomads!


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Nomad of the Universe, sailing through the unknown, learning to be happy and give happiness back
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