99c Adaptors? You Gotta Be Kiddin’ Me!

Continuing on the moving tips.

I have discovered this only recently so hopefully me sharing this will save someone else the money. When you move across countries, you almost inevitably need adaptors for various gadgets and appliances you have (on top of all the Apple devices, laptops and computers, you may also own ‘grown up’ things like steamers, cookers, toasters, etc)

I used to buy adaptors in electronics stores or duty free paying anything between £5 and £15 for a multiple plug one. Gasp of horror. By the way, the expensive one branded by some famous company broke after a year of use. So no, quality is not there.

Then I discovered pound shops. In the UK, it’s shops where you pay £1 or 99c for everything in the store, unless stated otherwise (in the US the equivalent is Dollarama, in Europe – Euroland). These shops have gained quite a bit of popularity recently, as British families look for ways to save. But other than having some amazing bargains, pound shops also occasionally stock very cool stuff (Justin & Colin recently had a post on what interior decor deals you can find there). These shops are also ideal for when you have a child – bubble juice, bird feed, cleaning stuff, etc there are a bargain.

To my amazement, I found international adaptors in a pound shop, yep, for 99c. I will never again pay £5+ for an adaptor, unless it’s something mind blowing.

Yep, one thing living in Britain changed in me is that I became thrifty. I love it. I love blogs like Money Saving Expert or This Is Money. I love pound shops and Primark (although please consume fashion environmentally responsibly). Counting my pennies and spending wisely helped me prepare for my escape. Here is a Professor Macklemore’s classic if you had any doubts that saving is cool 😉

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