My Latest Lifehacking Achievement

Hi everyone, hope you are having a happy day, if not, you should start right away 🙂  It’s easy to be happy in spring… Different things make me happy, among them living in the fishing village in North Holland and having a tshirt weather today, finally.

Lifehacking is the latest thing that gives me enormous satisfaction and sense of self achievement. I’ve written a very serious post on it before.

Today my lifehacking achievement, find, which I hope might help other nomads out there, includes reading foreign language paper documents. I have recently received a letter from the Dutch officials, typing it up into Google Translate seemed daunting, so as a naturally lazy (very lazy) person, I googled the question and, voila! of course, somebody in the vast collective wisdom of Internet already thought about it. £2.99 later (I still pay in pounds) I have read the letter and keep jumping up and down with excitement 🙂  

So here you go – problem solved, there is something and someone to be grateful to, creators of the app made money and Dutch officials now have a chance to hear back from me. Thank you, Universe, is all that remains to be said. Stay happy, my fellow nomads and lifehackers!


About lolkin

Nomad of the Universe, sailing through the unknown, learning to be happy and give happiness back
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